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Apr 23, 2015

Today, I'm the Laundry Lady!

I have a handy little tip for you today!  We've just returned from five days down at the beach so I'm just swimming in laundry, mine, the kids, my husbands. A ton. Last week before we left, I used a bit of vinegar and my Lemon Essential oil to clean out my washing machine. I've got a front loader, and if you have one too, you'll know that the rubber gasket can get just plain old icky. It was nice to come home to a machine that was fresh and ready for a workout because it certainly is getting one today!

Traditional dryer sheets add scent to your clothes, but they're actually a bit of a fire hazard, and my younger son can not tolerate the chemicals in them at all. For years I've done without them, however recently I picked up a set of Wool Dryer Balls and I toss them in with my clothes. They bounce around in there, aerating the clothing and actually speed drying time and keeping your clothes really soft during the process.  You could even add a dab of Lavender Essential Oil to freshen the scent. If you're looking for information about the little fuzzy Dryer Balls I found mine on Amazon.

About year or so ago, a friend noticed how much eczema my little guy had and asked what I used for laundry detergent. I always use the free and clear type, but she recommended adding a 1/2 cup of plain white vinegar to my wash as well. I was a little skeptical and concerned that I'd be sleeping on sheets that smelled like vinegar, but that was not the case. You use it in place of fabric softener and it helps to pull any remaining residue from your clothing. It worked like a charm and his skin looks great!!

If you're interested in Lavender or Lemon Essential oil (or any of the others) please contact me, or you can place an order here.  Please be sure to reference my Young Living member ID: 2642514 

If you'd like to learn more about the Young Living Opportunity and how you can enjoy 24 percent off retail pricing on your favorite Young Living please contact me! 

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