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Feb 26, 2010

I'd rather be skiing

Oh man, I'd SO much rather be skiing today. We are getting so much rain, I feel like my house might float, or blow away (the wind is coming sideways right now...) Up north, where we just returned from vacation, they have four new feet of snow. Grrrr.

I have nothing fun to report about my Friday today. Appointment to get my brows done, and then off to the dentist. Yippee (NOT!)

My husband and I are probably the last people to go see Avatar, but we've finally been able to get a sitter for a matinee on Saturday (oh so lame that we're having our date at noontime, but its better than no date at all right?)

To top it off, I have an appointment with an Excel Spreadhseet to work on my 2009 taxes for my daycare business. Seriously, I lead the most exciting life.... right?

Yet, I know that you didn't come here to listen to me whine. Here's my sample for this week's Bellariffic Friday. The theme is Winter or Winter Sports... I'm a skiier not a boarder, but I do sport the ski-girl braids on the slopes, (although mine are tucked inside my helmet..)

Daisyboardabella has been colored with my Copic markers, then given some snow at her feet with chunky glass glitter, she's got some fuzzy boots, and pom poms with the help of Liquid Applique and you'll see that I qualify for my own challenge with Kraft and Sewing to boot! Be sure to enter my second week's Blogaversary Challenge found HERE!

Last of all, don't forget to swing by Blogabella to see all the samples from the Babes! Did you send in an entry to Em this week? I'm off to check them all out! Next week is a fun theme cooked up by my friend Karen - "Polka Dots, Big or Small, We love them ALL!" Isn't that FUN?

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Leanne said...

Fantastic card!


Andrea said...

The card is beautiful!

The Spotted Chick said...

So cute Joanne!! How on earth did you zig zag stitch in a circle??? Whoa, you're good!! Love these colors too!

Karen Motz said...

Oh, she looks SO perfect for the slopes! I'd rather be skiing too! And Andrew and I haven't seen Avatar either so you're not completely the last people to see it! :)

Anonymous said...

First the card rocks! Second, Avator was amazing and you have to see it 3D the first time. Third, my brows are soooo bad that and my toes, need a pedi! Fourth, your life is great, I wish I was able to work from home more (only reason I am home today is I had laser eye surgery but don't tell anyone as I am not suppose to be on the computer) and Fifth....I SOOOO wanted to do your Blogaversery stuff but didn't get time last week and with my eyes all wonky, I will miss this one!!! Congrats though ok! You rock and I love visiting you!

Debbie said...

Such an adorable card! I've enjoyed your work and love your blog. I have a DT position open for a new challenge blog and was wondering if you'd be interested? I didn't see where I could e/m you directly, so I apologize for putting this in a comment ...

I look forward to your e/m reply and we can chat more about the details there!!

Allison said...

Great card! Love the colours, dp and the glitter at her feet!


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