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Oct 13, 2009

Buttony Bow Tutorial

If you've been over to Blogabella you may have seen the news that this week's challenge from Stamping Bella is Floral/Nature. The great news is that you have until NEXT Thursday the 22nd to submit your sample (Emily has a few tradeshows this week and next!)

I had fun playing with my Ketto's Pot O Flowers with that challenge in mind... I'll have a new flowery creation for you next Friday!

After coloring my image, I went back and added my black glaze pen to each of the polka dots on the pot for a little extra "oomph."

This is the card that I used to put together a little bow tying tutorial. I get lots of questions about my Buttony Bows, so I thought I'd try to show you exactly what my process is.

My first hint is a nice firm ribbon that will keep shape, and my second hint is to use a LOT of it. Being stingy with the ribbon will make it super hard to tie, and come on, we all hoard the stuff, what good does it do you on the shelf, put that goodness to USE!

So, is official, you all can laugh at me, and how much ribbon and twine I use on my cards. (Note to self, I'm running low on twine! Yikes!)

My husband was teasing me about making this, because he says its just like tying a shoe. However, I will say, he was SO helpful being my camera man, and then showing me how iMovie works (uuum, amazing love it!)

I'm known to fuss and fuddle with these a lot to get them to look all floofy and "just right." But on the video I show you how I fiddle with them to get them exactly how I like them.

Its strange listening to your own voice and all, but I hope this is helpful to you all.
Please let me know what you think, and remember while I might be good at bows....I'm new to video. *giggle*

I'll get working on another fun thing I like to do with ribbon, a faux bow.

I've also uploaded to You Tube if that is easier for you. You can find it HERE.

Now, I'm running and hiding because I'm embarrassed. Be kind, okay?

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