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Feb 17, 2011

Alter it: Lampshade

Usually I'm a carding girl, but today I've got a little something that isn't a card to share with you. Yesterday I shared a little frame that I'd made.... and today I've got an altered lampshade.

I found this burlap (um, super trendy!) shade at Target for $9.99, and I grabbed some of my red felt, and my Rolled Rose Dienamic. The only supply I'm forgetting is some stick pins with pearl heads.

I cut three red rolled roses - in home design, as well as card design, that rule of three is KEY!

If you haven't done a rolled rose before, you'll grab the outermost edge with a pair of tweezers or a quilling tool, and roll backwards, from the outside towards the center. I secured mine in back with Jody Boosters. (Note I didn't take the back booster off. I left the paper backing on the other side...)

I stuck a pearl ended straight pin through the bloom, and through the Booster and simply tucked it right through the lampshade.

The great thing, these are literally pinned in place, not glued onto the shade, so if I want to switch out the color for the summer to something else, it is totally no problem! Safety tip: Once you have your pins stuck through, use a pair of pliers to bend the pin backs so that you don't have sharp pins inside your light! Yikes!

Once I had my three blooms in place, I added a crystal flourish. I have to say I love the rustic feel of the burlap shade contrasted with lush felt, and a bit of bling. So me.

This was so fun, that I'm looking forward to freshening up and adding a bit of color, texture and a bit of what makes me so me throughout my home.

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