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Jun 29, 2008

Less Gas, More Good!

Good morning! So, last week I mentioned that my husband commuted to work for two weeks on only ten dollars of gas.  Incredible right?  The trick is that he rides his Vespa Motorscooter to work as often as possible.  

His commute to the office in his car is usually 20 minutes on the highway, by taking the scooter on the backroads only takes 25 minutes, and that he can ride that baby for two weeks until having to refill it.  And guess how much it is to refill it - you've got it ten bucks!   Of course, he can only ride it on sunny days for safety reasons. He's really enjoyed taking the more beautiful backroads to work and of course, loves the savings!  The kids crack up each day that he scoots off to work with a little "beep beep" as he pulls out of our driveway.  

In fact, his boss mentioned what a great idea it was to ride the scooter to work, and then realized that he's close enough to work to actually ride his bicycle to the office!  

So, while you might not be able to drive a scooter to the office (giggle) are there other ways that you can reduce your gas consumption and carbon footprint?  How about working from home one day a week? Can you organize your weekly shopping to cluster your trips to use your gas most efficiently?  What about shopping online instead?  

In other green news, our backyard composter arrived this week, and we're collecting all those kitchen scraps to turn into some beautiful, black compost for our perennial garden.  My dear friend Audra also picked up a bin recently and noticed that she's now reducing her weekly garbage for pickup by half!  Fantastic!  

If you've got a greenie blog to share I'd love to link you up.  Please comment on this thread with your blog name and I'll start a "greenies" link list.  

Have a great week everyone!

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Marie said...

I love yor just a little green on Sundays. I thought I would let you know that because of your last post I went and got some Envirosax bags for the store. I found a pack of 5 for a really good price and they're not too girly so I'm hoping to get the DH to use them when he goes to the store too. I got some for my mom and sister too. Way to spread the green!! :)

carole (TruCarMa) said...

Such a great reminder and way to get us thinking, Joanne! We have a Vespa too -- I think I'm going to forward this to my DH. Of course, we only a couple of miles from his office, but still is a good, easy thing to do.

Lisa said...

i have a greenie blog. :O)

AJ said...

yea for you!!

We are trying to be green as well~ my husband bikes to work when allowed, and I am the queen of conservation my family says!! I am really hoping to teach my kids to love this lifestyle as well~

Anonymous said...

THAT ROCKS!!! I can't tell you how important it is to really do your part. It is SO important that we do everything possible to save energy and not waste gas. Have you changed out all of your light bulbs yet? You know, Germans have at least 5 types of recycling in their homes? Everyone is way ahead of us when it comes to these issues.


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