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Jun 24, 2008

mac help

Okay, anyone out there on blogger using a mac? Why won't my links work!

I see that its adding a before some of my links. I keep entering it without that - its adding it on its own. Bizzare!!


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Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

I'm a mac girl - I'll try and help. It looks like the last few links you have made also take in your blog address, in addition to the link URL. Can you edit your post to remove the part which is your blog address?

Britiney said...

I'm on a mac. When I click your link for Gina K in your last post, it takes me here:
Like, Andrea said, it looks like you just have too much in your link. If you take out your blog info, it should work.
The link for Hop Art Studio works ok. It takes me here:
Hope that helps! I *heart* your blog.

Britiney said...

P.S. The link for Papertrey takes me here:

Again, somehow the got in there. Weird!

cadnileb said...

Not sure if you've already solved your problem but... when you enter your link, make sure you enter the FULL link including the http:// part. So for instance, instead of just putting in put

Make sense? HTH!


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