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Jul 6, 2008

Think twice about that sink......

Sunday again so soon? This week blew past so quickly! Hope that those of you here in the states had a wonderful holiday celebrating with family and friends.  And that those of you from around the world enjoyed a little peace and quiet without all the yappity yap down here! Giggle.

This week, my latest stamps arrived, this time I couldn't help myself from picking up a few stamps from Unity, and of course, this set titled "ecoChic" was the one that pushed me right over the fence (of course, this little kit couldn't come without bringing a few friends.....) How could I not have it with "just a little green" Sundays down here and all? 

By the way, my efforts to reduce other sorts of purchases haven't really trickled over into my stamping purchases... remember, I'm trying to go in moderation! wink.

This week, I did want to chat a little about how we are trying really hard to not put things down the garbage disposal.  Now, in no way do I want to be preachy about this, because even as recently as a few months ago, I had no clue how icky that is, and would happily plop food waste down there thinking "hey, at least I'm not contributing to more waste in the landfill."  Unfortunately, just because you're putting it down the disposal, doesn't mean you're not making a mess somewhere else.  

If you've got a septic system - it only serves to fill that baby up faster-- bleech!! If you're on town water and sewer like we are, then all that mess goes into the water system... eventually has to be screened back out at a treatment plant. This process is not only costly, but serves to add more chemicals to the process, again, un-necessary and costly to boot!  

Nevermind all the water that is wasted flushing all that yuck down the drain.

So remember, the next time you go filling up that disposal that you could just be making yourself some prize compost for your flower beds, a rich organic matter that your plants will love - and do a little greater good while you're at it.

Next week, I've got a few product recommendations on things we've been using around the house and totally loving!  

Have a great week. I'm off to try to design invitations for my little guy's birthday party!

card details:  Card base is Kraft, Old Olive Matting with Tonic Edge Distresser, Brilliance Pearlescent Chocolate Ink, Prismacolor Pencils, Blending Stumps, OMS, Button, Hemp Twine, SU Grosgrain Ribbon, Button, Key Tag Pucnch

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