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Oct 30, 2008

Nuts. Its Halloween.

While children everywhere in the US are so excited about Halloween, call me a party pooper, but this holiday just scares the pants off of me.  I'm in denial.  

Since both my boys severe food allergies I simply loathe this holiday.  Come to think of it, I have an especially good reason to not enjoy Halloween.  It was three years ago when I learned, the hard way, as in oral swelling and a 911 call, that my eldest had a food allergy.  It was the day after Halloween, in fact, the night before, he ATE a peanut butter cup.  That was B.A.  - Before Allergies.

All week I've procrastinated buying candy.  I made three batches of cookies for tomorrow's "Harvest Celebration" in my son's kindergarten class so that I could be sure that everything is safe for him.  I've sent an email to the teacher to just verify that she's double checking everything that comes in from other parents.  I'm sure I'm pestering...but I'm a control freak where this is concerned.  Can't help it. Its my job.

Usually I pre-deliver candy to my neighbors for them to hand out to the boys.  I do it so that they can participate in trick or treating in a safe way.  This year, all week, my phone has been ringing from my wonderful neighbors who have been checking in to see what "Thing One" and "Thing Two" can have.  So thoughtful!  I love that they're all thinking of the boys safety.

We discussed with "Thing One" tonight that my husband will supervise candy selection at each house, and then we'll review all the candy at home.  We'll have a basket of safe options for him to switch out for anything that we decide is too risky.  

Spiderman and Batman are so very excited for the holiday and of course  I'll love watching them headed out in costume, but really I'll be so happy once they're home safe and snuggled in their beds.  

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