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Nov 15, 2008

Big Dirty Secrets

Oh my goodness, have I ever been holding onto a BIG secret.  HUGE!

When I first seriously began stamping, I made a few goals for myself, some of them I thought would be achievable with hard work, and one of them, was just out of the park, a real longshot, and even with all the hard work in the world.... I didn't think it would ever come true.

I'm bouncing with excitement because now I'm part of the Splitcoast Dirty Dozen!  Me?? A Dirty Girl! 

I can't even stand it! aaaaaggggghhhhh!!!!

If you're not familiar with the Dirty Dozen, well then I'll fill you in.  Each month Splitcoast adds two stampers to their design team, and there are a total of twelve girls at any time.  (duh, a dozen right?)  It is a six month term, during which each girl posts between 6-8 creations to a gallery that is just for the Fan Club of Splitcoast.  

I honestly have learned SO much from Splitcoast. When I first started stamping on my own, that is outside of the SU workshop that I religiously attended at my friend Erica's house, Splitcoast became my source for inspiration, and education.  I never realized I'd find such fabulous FRIENDS there too.  I began challenging myself to complete at least one of the challenges each week, usually sketch or color challenges were my go to.  I signed up for the newsletter and became hooked on trying out the different techniques on the resources tab.

Then, I noticed that the girls that I loved watching on the Dirty Dozen also had these things called blogs.  Akkk.  And here I am.  Blogging, stamping every day (okay, any MINUTE of the day I can conjure up) and now, A Dirty Girl!

The Dirty Dozen gallery is only open to members of the Splitcoast Fan Club.  That is a $25 memership for one year. It gives you access to the amazing Dirty Dozen Galleries, both present and past, you get instant upload privileges too!  Nevermind, you're supporting the most amazing source of inspiration for stampers!  I'm so thankful to Splitcoast and so happy to have a chance to give back.  The most recent gallery just opened, three minutes ago!  I hope you like what you see.  If you have any questions at all, you can find a link to the Splitcoast Stampers Fan Club FAQ's HERE.

I hope all my online friends aren't aren't mad at me for keeping such a secret - but really, how often in life do you get a REAL surprise like this. 

Thanks to everyone at Splitcoast for having such faith in me!  I'm going to soak up every minute of the next six months....  I'm afraid its going to go too too fast!

I'm off to give some love to all my bunkmates in the pile!

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