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Jun 29, 2007

Meet my Friends - Week 3

This week, the friend I’m introducing you to is my mom. I’m so lucky to have a mother who is so young, and so with it. I swear, she has a hipper wardrobe than I do! Quite often, when she's out with my boys, people are astounded to find out that they are her grandchildren, rather than her kids!

Anyone that has been lucky enough to be invited to a party that she’s thrown, or has been invited to my parents home in Nantucket, can tell you she is an absolutely fabulous hostess. Seven years later, her friends are still raving about my wedding, and my sisters this fall will be equally amazing! I'm bouncing with excitement for that day, I can't wait!

Mom has simply outstanding taste, a home that is just built with parties in mind, and it helps that she is only the most organized person you could ever meet. I mean really, she puts those people on “Mission Organization” to shame. She usually has about six different knitting projects going on at any one time, and has recently picked up golf too.

This month we’re descending on my parents with the boys for a few days at the beach. I can already anticipate the smell of the hydrangeas, the feel of the salt air and the taste of her absolutely unbeatable fried chicken and potato salad. Last year, we could watch fireworks right from their front porch (a crazy nut down the street had a full blown – illegal - fireworks display out of his backyard!)

Most of all, I’m looking forward to having a glass of wine on the front porch with mom (and yes Dad, you too!) in the late afternoon, and family times after the maniacs have gone to bed for the night.

As I always say to her "Thanks Mom for everything you do to make life so great for all of us." Really, you're the best.
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