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Aug 16, 2007

Thank Goodness for Naps!

The UPS man arrived today SUPER early. I was expecting a delivery for my clients (nothing for me - good girl!) and I heard him drive up around 1:30. Usually I'm an after 7pm delivery! So, I rushed out, grabbed the box and sorted it all out.

Then, I was ready to tackle dishes from lunch. But I checked my email and found a note from my husband asking what the chances are that I could "whip up" a card. He said if need be he could swing by the store to buy one instead (gasp!!) my little man woke up from nap as I was wrapping up and assembling, so he was excited to get to have not one, but two Popsicles while I finished up.

This card uses my new standby for wedding cards "Baroque Motifs" and I thought it was a perfect excuse to use my new, not yet mounted "Tres Chic" and I just love it. Its so versatile. Thanks to Beate for using it on a streak of cards the last two weeks that I had to break down and move it off the "wish list" and into my shopping cart. The ice rhinestone brads are so wonderful, I love having an excuse to use them. In addition to adding a little sparkle, they add a lot of dimension to a card as the brads don't sit flat against the paper.

Big kids are about to wake up from their naps (they go down later than the little man) so I have two seconds to clean up the evidence of popsicles off the table!
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