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Oct 21, 2007

He SO doesn't get it......

My dear sweet husband took our eldest to the pool today while the little guy napped. He said to me as he left, "Don't stamp. Just relax!" I looked at him in astonishment and laughed and said "But to me, stamping IS relaxing!" It was funny.

However, instead of stamping, I took a shower and worked on my toast for little sister's wedding next weekend! I needed some peace and quiet to focus.

Playing on iTunes and buying a ton of fun music. cha-ching. This is going to add up quickly if I buy everything I want, but its soo fun.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I'll have new goodies the first half of the week, a blog candy contest will be announced as well.

Don't forget to enter my 'Fraidy Cat Candy contest below to have a chance to win some Au Chocolat paper. Come on, its such an EASY challenge!
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