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Jan 21, 2008

A bunch of Ding Dongs!

Oh goodness, I laughed so hard at all the Ding Dong moments that you all were willing to share. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that does these things.

Many of these made me laugh, literally, laugh out loud in my kitchen. You girls sure do like your bellas!

Okay without further ado, the winner as selected by is #34.

Pegg S said...
My ding-dong moments are usually injuries! I am kind of a spazz. Thankfully I'm not as bad now that I'm an adult! But the other night, we had just gotten a new tabletop grill - I plugged it in, not realizing that the switch was on. Of course I touch it and burned my hand... OK not so funny! :)~pegg

Pegg, I'm emailing you now to get your snail mail address!

Everyone take it easy okay? Bwah!!! Seriously though, thank you all for playing! This was a blast!
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