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Jan 29, 2008

Cleaning House...

I'm off to clean my stamp table -it is truly a disaster right now...And its time to eliminate some clutter. Wondering if these samples would be of interest to anyone... they're collecting dust here for me and I'm tired of looking at them, want to clear some space to make new things.

There's an altered frame, some Genie Bags, a whole bag of swaps I've collected, some 2,5,7 10 boxes etc etc.

Free to a good home if anyone wants them. Just post a comment and they're yours.
**Edited to add -- these were already claimed amost as SOON as I posted. I'm glad that you girls all like my stuff so much that youre so eager to have my oldies but goodies. I'll do this again once I get tired of my next round of samples!**
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