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Jan 29, 2008

Do your children have allergies? If so, beware the Kissables.....

Mine does. A severe nut allergy. So, it makes all these candy giving holidays (halloween, valentines, christmas, easter) really difficult for us.

I've always loved Hershey Kissables because they were a "safe" choice for him and those are really hard to find, especially in chocolate products.

Well, they went and changed their ingredients. And now they're NOT safe (they now contain shea butter - which is a nut product) however, it is not declared on the list of allergens (you know -- how when you read a product it will say CONTAINS MILK or CONTAINS NUTS) So, if you have children with a nut allergy - beware the product has changed and personally, I won't be serving them to my son anymore.

Boo. I'm off to Vermont Nut Free Chocolates to see what I can find.
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