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Jan 8, 2008

Paper Pretties - Shipping Prices Glitch Fixed - Go Shop Again!

Okay, new websites have glitches, and it seems there was one over at Paper Pretties. The good news is that it has been resolved! Hooray!

Christie posted today that the shipping calculation glitch has been fixed. So, if you were shopping the sale, and scared off by inflated shipping rates, please try again....Everything is fixed up now and we'd love to have you visit again!

Very soon we'll be glitch free, and don't forget, I'll be back in the morning to let you know who has tomorrow's clue, and what the prize of the day is.

Ladies, I'm so bad at surprises, I can't even begin tell you. Luckily, I'm bound to secrecy. This time, you'll just have to wait.
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