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Jun 15, 2008

Green? Who? ME??- psst. blog candy at the end of this post!!

Last year, my husband started what I've been calling our "transition to green."  I'll admit to doing a lot of sighing and eye rolling and "yes dearing" to appease him at first. However, we agreed to by reusable grocery bags (um, which I now LOVE) and changed all our lightbulbs, stopped our water delivery to reduce all those bottles that were piling up in our recycling bin each week.

This year, during his business trips to Europe he has been so impressed by how little processed food they consume, and has been reading (among numerous other titles) a book called "Lessons form the Miracle Doctors" by Jon Barron.   He decided we needed to go fully organic with our shopping.

At first, I kicked, I screamed and complained about it.  I mean how much more money would it cost on a tight budget?  The organic supermarket is another town away, and it seemed like such a hassle to schlep over there with the kids. Especially during the cold blustery New England winter. 

I knew that the food was better for you, but wasn't sure that it was really ALL that much better to warrant the increase in price, and the inconvenience?  Would my picky kids even eat it?  I guess what it comes down to was that I didn't believe that what we were eating was actually BAD for you.  

As it turns out my kids were happy to comply and we've now fully eliminated drive through meals from what my younger son calls "The Burger House." We do buy as much organic food as is practical and we're striving to make the healthiest choices for my kids.  Granted, it is more expensive - but hey, the regular supermarket is getting pretty pricey right now too! 

Just recently, we've eliminated all those plastic sippy cups and both the kids each several Kleen Kanteen bpa-free stainless steel bottles instead.  They are in fact fantastic and I feel good knowing my kids aren't ingesting tiny pieces of plastic EEKS! If you're not familiar with the issues surrounding BPA - you can check out this link for more information

I'm reading "Gorgeously Green" and I love her philosophy.  I want to be better for my kids, our planet, but I'm also not willing to give up ALL my creature comforts either.  I'd like to strike a balance. I've come a long way in a few months, and the fact that we're now saving for a composting bin for the yard is just hysterical to me.  Especially to anyone knows me in real life.

We'll see where this all goes, but I'm trying to make as may changes as I can. Some will be small some will probably not be so small.  If you're farther along this green curve than we are, I'd love any advice you have for us!

So, here's the blog candy part......this will be my new Sunday feature on the blog.  I'm sure my dear husband will pop in now and again on Sundays too.  I'd love your help on the title for my new green Sunday feature.  Any thoughts?  I've got a set of SU rub ons as a prize for one of you that helps me title this new feature. Winner will be selected at random, and will be announced next Sunday!!

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Chelle said...

how about:

it's not easy being green (this is my favorite)
going green
...just a little green (something)...
green goddess
striking a green balance

Tammy said...

I'm not very good a jingles, but I'll give it a shot!

The queen of green
Green Glory
Green Machine
Making the earth a little greener

Cheryl said...

Boy, you have gotten some great ideas. I had thought of a few of them myself. I am trying to think up something unique and came up with "The Green Team" or "Going Green with Joanne." thanks for the link about those Kleen Kanteens. I think those are on my shopping list for next month rather than keep buying the plastic water bottles. I love the idea of refilling them and drinking out of something safe. I appreciate all of your ideas and commend you for what you are doing. And if you choose me, I don't need the blog candy!!! I appreciate the thought tho.
Cheryl Sims

Meredith said...

I'm looking forward to tuning in for progress updates!! Here's my suggestion:

The Green-House Project

(a little play on words since the "greenhouse effect" is the result of NOT being eco-conscious!) Ha!

Meredith said...

I think that was right, right??

Lisa said...

This makes me VERY happy to read, check out my blog and blog name to see why. :O)

How about Green Day?

Kacey Elliott said...

My Dh likes to say "Green is not a good color on you" when he thinks I am jealous of something. So, let's go with "Green is a good color on you...and you...and you...". Or as Bob the Builder says, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle."

Rachel said...

We have a news segment every night on the environment here and they call it "Think Green."

Lisa said...

Wow what great ideas on your blog. I am thinking:

one green at a time
Green Gossip

This is actually pretty hard. Someone had put "it's not easy being green" and that is super cute.....Plus I love Kermit

Jess said...

How about:

Going Green
"Green" is the New Pink
Green is the Way to Go
Go Green With Me
Gradual Green
Green is Good

Beckabear3213 said...

How about "life in the green house" or "Got Green?"

Anonymous said...

Since we usually have a bigger than normal breakfast on Sundays, eggs popped into my mind . . .

Green Eggs & Ham

We have been going green, no trans fat, no hydrogenated oils for awhile now. Homemade granola, homegrown vegies, water filter at the kitchen sink, etc.


cpullum said...

Greenier the tip better the stamp!

Lori said...

Thanks for a chance at some blog candy!

My name is
Green Stamps!


Dana said...

How 'bout Future Forward? :)

Lizzy said...

Oh, I love hearing of what other folks are doing to be more green. It seems so hard at first, but just a few changes here and there make such a huge difference, don't you think?

Here are my three suggestions:
It's so easy being green
Green Changes
Our Green Revolution

Good luck!

Jana Weaver said...

It's not easy being Green, huh Kermit? Yes, the Germans rule when it comes to being green...and I for one will miss my "trinkmarkt" where I get cases of water in reused bottles which I return for new ones quite desperately!! Good luck with your transition. I know I"ll be looking for ways to continue what we've already started over here when we return stateside.

So, I agree that It's Not Easy Being Green would be a great title, and can't come up with anything better, except to add - but its worth it!

Lots of huggs Girly!

Pure Fun said...

Hi Joanne,

I applaud you and your family for moving to an organic diet.

I am the President of an organic candy company, called Pure Fun. We manufacture candies without any baditives--no pesticides, additives, dyes or any potentially harmful ingredients!

I'm sure your kids would thoroughly enjoy a treat of our pure pops.. made with brown rice syrup and organic cane that retains the nutrients and minerals that nature put into sugar.

Being a grandmother of 7 wonderful kids, it was very important to me that they not be subjected to the toxic ingredients commonly found in conventional candy. As a mom, you know how hard it is to keep kids away from candy! Check out what we do at

Keep up the good work, and remember organics aren't more expensive; synthesized food is really cheap!

Bunny B said...

Green: The New Future (Feature)
Green - The Only Way To Go
Groovy Green Sundays
Green Living
Green and Simple
Just A Little Green
Green Sundays & Ham


bunnybox9 at gmail . com

audra k said...

Hey Jo,
I just made the decision for our family this weekend to make more of a green effort and start eating more natural. It does seem a little overwhelming but I'm excited. There are so many good ideas for slogans. Don't really have anything new to add except for "green snips" If you're going to offer little snippits of info on sundays. Have a great week!

Liz said...

I love the idea of your new weekly "green" entry! I'll look forward to it!

Some ideas...
"ABC's of Going Green" (maybe start with each letter of the alphabet and feature something with that letter that pertains to "going green")
"Going Green with the Basile Family"
"Living La Vida Verde" (okay, sorry, Ricki Martin!) Kinda catchy though?!

MelissaS said...

HOw about a spin on the popular Kermit saying:
It *IS* Easy Being Green
Green Without Envy
Greener Pastures

that's all I can come up with now. Thanks for sharing this column. We have tried to green it up around our house with the compost (just wait till you spread that in your garden :), using air only when necessary, and growing our own veggies each summer. I'm always looking for ways to do more and will enjoy reading about your green journey!

Anonymous said...

Just a little something is a big step to go organic.


Lyndsay said...

I think something simple like Going Green would work. Thanks!

Tracy said...

How about "Seeing Green"?

Good for you and hubby for your efforts. I've been on the path to a better lifestyle for a few years now. It's a slow process because I want to make changes that I know hubby and I will stick with. We love our cloth bags and the cashiers at the grocery store LOVE us for bagging our own!

I garden organically and added a fruit & veggie patch this year. No chemicals for bugs is a challenge but I love to garden so I don't mind.

If you're not ready for a compost bin you could kitchen compost. That's what I do and I love it. You could also look into rain barrels. That will be my next yard project.

Wash in only cold water. Line-dry as much as possible. Have a lights-out night where you spend time in the yard with a fire telling stories. It'll help everyone get away from technology and save electricity.

Janet said...

Wow, you already got a lot of great ideas. I really like the one early on that said "Queen of Green". I can only think of "Green tips of the day(or week)" or "Green Gazette". Thanks for the chance to play.

Bev said...

How about...
Green and Lovin' it!
Turning Green is Fun!
Green and Easy!

Thanks for the candy!

carole (TruCarMa) said...

Can't think of anything that hasn't been mentioned, but I'm looking forward to reading more about your progress with this. I'm interested in going more green, too, but it does seem overwhelming. Baby steps, though, right? Hope you're doing well -- you seem scarce of late!

SueB said...

argh! green stamps was already suggested - great minds think alike!
wish you well with your sunday green idea - hey, maybe
if it's Sunday ...

Anonymous said...

How about the Sunday Special or the Super Sunday Special? The Green Sunday Special? Super Green Special? Sundays are special, so that is why I am tossing that thought around. Thank you for all of the wonderful inspirations!! Thank you for the opportunity to try at your blog candy! ~Amy (Sabol)~

joyk said...

Congrats on your decision to be more green and organic. Not always the easy way to go, but definitely worth it. I wish we had started when our kids were little (they have flown the nest!)
Good luck to you!

think most everything has been submitted, but here goes mine.

Clean and Green

Terri E. said...

Here is my suggestion

The "Green" Dream
I Dream of Green
Green is the Dream

Just some thoughts. I hope I haven't repeated anyone.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Monica-FC said...

well. here is my guess.
it is simple though.

1-Going Green,How Simple
2-easier to go Green

just 2 that I thought because maybe people do not know to start going green and need to be shown how. and then gradually go into it deeper as you talk about it.just a thought.


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