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Jun 15, 2008

Green? Who? ME??- psst. blog candy at the end of this post!!

Last year, my husband started what I've been calling our "transition to green."  I'll admit to doing a lot of sighing and eye rolling and "yes dearing" to appease him at first. However, we agreed to by reusable grocery bags (um, which I now LOVE) and changed all our lightbulbs, stopped our water delivery to reduce all those bottles that were piling up in our recycling bin each week.

This year, during his business trips to Europe he has been so impressed by how little processed food they consume, and has been reading (among numerous other titles) a book called "Lessons form the Miracle Doctors" by Jon Barron.   He decided we needed to go fully organic with our shopping.

At first, I kicked, I screamed and complained about it.  I mean how much more money would it cost on a tight budget?  The organic supermarket is another town away, and it seemed like such a hassle to schlep over there with the kids. Especially during the cold blustery New England winter. 

I knew that the food was better for you, but wasn't sure that it was really ALL that much better to warrant the increase in price, and the inconvenience?  Would my picky kids even eat it?  I guess what it comes down to was that I didn't believe that what we were eating was actually BAD for you.  

As it turns out my kids were happy to comply and we've now fully eliminated drive through meals from what my younger son calls "The Burger House." We do buy as much organic food as is practical and we're striving to make the healthiest choices for my kids.  Granted, it is more expensive - but hey, the regular supermarket is getting pretty pricey right now too! 

Just recently, we've eliminated all those plastic sippy cups and both the kids each several Kleen Kanteen bpa-free stainless steel bottles instead.  They are in fact fantastic and I feel good knowing my kids aren't ingesting tiny pieces of plastic EEKS! If you're not familiar with the issues surrounding BPA - you can check out this link for more information

I'm reading "Gorgeously Green" and I love her philosophy.  I want to be better for my kids, our planet, but I'm also not willing to give up ALL my creature comforts either.  I'd like to strike a balance. I've come a long way in a few months, and the fact that we're now saving for a composting bin for the yard is just hysterical to me.  Especially to anyone knows me in real life.

We'll see where this all goes, but I'm trying to make as may changes as I can. Some will be small some will probably not be so small.  If you're farther along this green curve than we are, I'd love any advice you have for us!

So, here's the blog candy part......this will be my new Sunday feature on the blog.  I'm sure my dear husband will pop in now and again on Sundays too.  I'd love your help on the title for my new green Sunday feature.  Any thoughts?  I've got a set of SU rub ons as a prize for one of you that helps me title this new feature. Winner will be selected at random, and will be announced next Sunday!!
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