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Jul 13, 2008

Get Pickin.....

I had fully planned on writing about some of our favorite green products this week, but then we spent a few days this week at a local farm picking....

I'll save my green recommendations for another day, and just let you know that its a great time to get your family to a local farm to go pick produce.  

Its cheap, it helps remind them where food actually comes from so that they're less likely to waste it, there's no TV involved (wink!) and hey, its FUN!  Oh, and guess what, you'll save a LOT of money and support a local farm in the process. Everyone wins!

We picked raspberries on Thursday and turned half of them into home made raspberry ice cream.  Then on Saturday, we went back and picked blueberries and bought corn for a TASTY corn and tomato salad.  

I got this recipe out of a Weight Watchers cookbook

Grill three ears of corn and cut off the cob
Chop up one pint of Cherry Tomatoes (I like those sweet grape tomatoes)
Juice of one lime
Diced Purple Onion
Salt and Pepper
The recipe also calls for a little bit of diced jalepeno or serrano pepper. I love that addition, my husband does not - so, you decide which way you like it.
(I like to add a little olive oil too...)

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