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Jul 16, 2008

Oh Billy....

You all know, I'm a sucker for anything cute for boys.  When I first saw Lauren and Charmaine work with those Pink Cat Studio Billy stamps, I thought they were adorable and thought I'd pick them up at some point.  Then, Kirstin created all those adorable Super Why cards with hers, and I was sunk.

I picked them up as soon as the Dress Me Up Billy came out, and then sadly, they sat around waiting for me to get some time to play.  Psst.  If you read the Pink Cat Blog then you may have seen that a Billy and Lilly accessories set is on the way.  How CUTE!

So, back to the of my daycare children just celebrated his second birthday, and he's a big, big Thomas the Train fan. So, how could I not create a cute little engineer card for him?  

Have a great day everyone!
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