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Jul 10, 2008

thanks....and an update

Thanks to everyone checking in on me, and my son who's at day camp.

He's been having a blast, and is coming home just SO wiped out from very full days.

I'm sending all his lunch, snacks etc and I've been feeling confident that he's safe.  That is, till the other day in the car, he mentioned that the counselors were giving out BUTTERFINGERS for prizes.  Are you KIDDING?  I nearly drove off the road in a panic....

He didn't even know what they are since obviously we don't eat those here.

So, quite calmly the next morning, I reminded the counselor that he can only have food from home, and handed her a little baggie full of safe candy to be used for prizes.  

I wish I wish I wish, that people could move away from candy as prizes.  And if it MUST be candy, why on earth would anyone select peanut butter candy given the ever growing percentage of children that are allergic to it. So risky.

Okay, back off my soap box.

Thanks everyone for all your thoughts, it means more than you'll ever know.
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