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Aug 31, 2008

Adventures without Air.......(air conditioning that is....)

It was so fun to read about the green things you've tried so far, and I'm so happy that so many of you are joining me on this green-adventure!  Great work everyone!

The lucky winner is  #9 who is Claudia! Claudia, I'm off to email you to get your contact information!  

So, here's my green information for this week.  I used to be the QUEEN of Air Conditioning.  We're lucky enough that the home we purchased eight years ago already had central air, and boy was it just so easy to flick the switch and cool things down.  

In fact, I have a good friend who bought a home last year without AC and I remember asking her "Oh you're kidding right? New home with no air? Are you going to install it?"  So, she got a good laugh this year that I decided I was only going to run the air this year on days we really NEEDED it.  

I'm happy to report that most days it stayed off entirely!! Some times, I turned it only only for my little one to take a nap. Let me say, I got real creative with shades and curtains and which windows were open to maximize a breeze.  When I did turn it on, I had it set to several degrees higher than I would have last summer.  Looking back, it was an icebox in here last summer.  I'm so glad to report that we saved literally HUNDREDS of dollars on our electricity this summer compared to past years.  I felt pretty good about conserving all that energy as well.

I'm hoping to do the same thing this fall and winter with the heat.  I'm going to put on a sweater rather than bump the heat up a degree or two.  Obviously, we can't do without the heat like we did without the AC, but I can commit to being more energy efficient with it.  Maybe I'll even justify a new sweater or two for myself!!

Today we're off for some outdoor adventures.  Hitting another local farm, Belkin Lookout Farm, where it is rumored we can already pick apples, we'll also visit their amazing produce stand for some tasty organic goodness, and visit with the animals! HOORAY!  And for a nature walk with the boys at Elm Bank  My sister has raved about this place for years, and now we're finally going.  Got to clean out my memory stick for some photos!

Have a great, green day!
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