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Aug 17, 2008

feeling ungreen.....

Despite a wonderfully green birthday for my son yesterday - which was totally fabulous I will soon tell you all about... I'm feeling pretty "ungreen" today.

This week, we learned that my younger son has severe food allergies, including coconut (this is something my eldest was not allergic to) and guess what most "green" health and beauty aids, as well as household cleaners, dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent etc is made with.... coconut.

In addition to feeling horribly GUILTY that I've been coating him with coconut, I'm just so frustrated that I can't find things that are safe for both him, and the planet. Given the choice, I'm going to have to go ungreen to keep him safe.

It appears that a coconut allergy is rare. (Go figure) So I'm having a hard time finding research on this topic. Annoyed that our allergist can't meet with us till late October.

Off to continue my research. Luckily, I got several crafty projects in this morning, so I'll be back with things to post over the next few days.

Please pardon my grumpitude. I'll perk back up soon.
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