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Oct 5, 2008

where's the green?

I'm so excited that so many of you have asked where the green posts are lately!  I do apologize, September was such an insane month - new daycare clients, two boys adjusting to new schools etc etc.  I'm sure many of you are breathing a sigh of relief that we successfully made it through the month, and everyone is adjusting well.....

I didn't feel that maybe I had all that much "new advice" for you on this adventure, but then some very good friends of mine had some ideas.  I'm going to put them on the hook to share! Till then, I do have just a little something green for you today.  I will admit, I do love my diet coke...  I've found it very hard to give up. And, I do have them now and again...  See, I'm not a fan of plain water.  And we used to have water delivery so I could get fizzy water to drink....  But then I didn't love having all those plastic bottles, even in my recycle bin. There had to be a better way.

Of course, I found it through my favorite Green Reading "Gorgeously Green." We bought the Soda Club and its so quick and easy to just fizz up my filtered water from the fridge into fizzy water.  Yes, the machine itself is an investment, but I feel good not having bottles collect up, and I LOVE not having to lug bottles of seltzer out of the grocery store.  Plus, the kids get a kick out of it, which is always a bonus.  When I went over to pull the link for Soda Club, I also was reminded that not buying it at the store also saves transportation of it from the factory, to the grocery store etc.  So, that makes it an even GREENER choice.

I'll be back with something green next week... today, my biggest assignment is to clean up my craft area.  Its a total and complete disaster (again.) However, with double launches this week and many client orders to fill, I've been working and working and not putting away.  Which, after a week of that, makes a big old mess.  

Have a great day everyone!

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