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Dec 23, 2008

just a little find: Little First Act Discovery

Today I have another "find" for you for any littles on your holiday shopping list.  

I received samples of both the Parker Piano Musical Learning Pal and the Crawl n'Go Drum from Little First Act Discovery.  I was am so excited because I've often found that music will settle even the most unruly little toddlers, and is the activity most likely to guarantee full cooperation and participation during my daycare hours.  

Little First Act Discovery is brought to you by First Act, Boston based manufacturer of musical instruments for people of all ages.  In fact, check out this list of impressive artists using First Act equipment!  So you know that when they design an instrument for a child, it will be top notch!

Even though Parker is designed for babies 6 months and older, my three year old is captivated by the musical notes and activities built in.  I think he'll be quite sad when this is shared with his newborn cousin! (Oh goodness, he's hugging Parker with a giant smile as I'm typing this to you, so sweet!)  

Parker is soft and cuddly and his bright colors and black and white patterns would be so attractive to a little one.  As a parent and child care provider, I'm thrilled that the music and the voices are nice to listen to and not too loud.  Parker has sing along to familiar childhood tunes like "Row Row Row Your Boat," "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and of course, every one's favorite "ABCs."  He also teaches rhythm with a clap along activity and demonstrates pitch with the song "Let's Sing a High Note."  

The second toy that I received for a review from Little First Act is the Crawl and Go Drum.  It comes with three little instruments that stack securely inside the drum.  As a parent, that's a fantastic for keeping the pieces together which can often times be a problem around here.... as a daycare provider I recognize that its also a great feature for shape sorting and object permanence (you know, meaning that just because you can't see it, the object still exists!) 

Imagine your little ones delight when they see that when the push the button the top flips up and there are the three little shakers!  The little handheld shakers are also wonderful for hand eye coordination! See, they've thought of everything.    It is no wonder that this toy was given an award by iParenting as one of the best products of 2008!

The music on the crawl and go drum is very pleasant, upbeat and I'm laughing right now watching all the kids dance around to it.  For a very young baby, they can push the drum and watch it roll along, the design keeps it from getting too far ahead of them, and as long as they push it, the music plays.  Developmentally I love that it reinforces the idea of cause and effect for the littlest ones. 

If you have any last minute gifts to pick up, these sweet toys are available at Toys R Us, Target and Walmart -   I'm just thrilled with the quality of these products and I just know that my little niece will love playing with them!  Now to decide if she'll be playing with them at our house, or hers, I know what my crew votes... here!!

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