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Dec 15, 2008

just a little find: Stride Rite Natural Motion System

I know that usually this is a crafting blog, but I figure many of you are also moms, or aunties, or grandmothers and might be interested in some things I run across that I love!

Similar to my "just a little green" segments that I periodically write on Sundays, I thought I might title these my "just a little find" posts.  But, you all are so clever, if you've got a better idea, please drop me a comment, you know I'd love to hear it.

I received two samples from Stride Rite over the weekend. The first is from the Natural Motion System Early Walker line.  (I'll be reviewing the other pair tomorrow....)  

Let me just say that these shoes are so sweet that they almost had me wishing for little feet at my home to wear them.  Luckily, I'm the very proud auntie of an adorable baby girl that will adore them.  Just look at the sweet butterfly details on these.

But even more importantly than the adorable design of these shoes, I love that they are so well made.  They're designed with growing tootsies in mind, fully flexible, elastic in the heel (you know, to keep them on nothing worse than having only ONE cute shoe and the other hopelessly lost...)  and truly built with the healthy development of little feet in mind.

I will honestly say that I always buy my kids shoes from Stride Rite, (I'm so happy that they just opened one a little closer to home because I'd been driving a half hour for their shoes a few times a year, seriously, I'm not exaggerating.) 

For me, you just can't beat a professional fit on a shoe.  As someone who admittedly has wide feet I have a rough time finding a comfortable shoe.  There is nothing worse than an ill fitting shoe, and I just wouldn't do that to my kids!  So, I'm always happy to have my boys checked by the experts who have been trained in that department. 

The good green girl in me loves that the outsole is made of recycled rubber, and that the box is made from recycled material!  The crafter in me loves the well made, and truly adorable box that they came in. While I will be giving my niece the shoes, hey, lets be honest, I'm keeping the box.  I will be altering it, and yes, you'll see it here again as a craft project.

Tomorrow, I'll be chatting about the new pair of shoes for my three year old that Stride Rite sent to me.  If you know my little guy in real life, you know he's super picky, and very hard to please.  But even a stubborn little boy can't couldn't resist the allure of a package just for him.....   

Offer alert!  When I went to link up this post, I noticed that they have a special right now, and lets be honest, who doesn't love a deal, especially this time of year! Right now, the offer listed is buy two pairs on and get free shipping. The deal however, is only valid through 11:59 PM ET, 12/16/2008. If you're nervous to buy shoes on-line, you can use their e-Fit system for help.

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