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Jan 13, 2009

Gone Digital!

I can't believe it, I've gone digital!  Last year for Christmas (ahem as in one year ago... not a few weeks ago) we got an amazing computer, which came along with a printer. The computer was SO easy to install (it is a mac after all) and the printer, for a long time (gulp.... a year??) was unused because it would just shoot out the correct number of BLANK pages and say it printed.  It would photocopy, so I knew it wasn't a toner thing, but was baffled as to why it wouldn't print.

I fussed around with it but couldn't figure out how to fix it.  About a week ago, I thought how ridiculous am I?  Its brand new, perfectly useable and I'm too lazy (or possibly clueless??) to fix it.  

Harumph, after searching around and downloading some new drivers - voila!  Now, I have a perfectly amazing printer!

And all at last, the things I've wanted to try out in the print at home arena are now available to me as a reward!

First off, I couldn't WAIT to try My Favorite Things digital paper packs.  I adore Stephanie Fizer's illustrations, and guess what, now they're paper patterns.  Squeal!!  (can you hear me?) 

The new spring paper pack, is just too cute for words.  Now, Jody has an amazing tutorial on the MFT How'd They Do That which can instruct you in how to download, open and print the pages. Trust me, if me, the loser that couldn't get her printer to work for a year can click, point, open and print these, then I KNOW you can do it. And really, they're just too cute to resist!

In minutes I had my papers printed out and ready to make into a card.  The best part, you can use these files over and over again to just keep creating!  And, you can print on vellum, transparencies, regular paper, colored paper, textured paper you name it.  Just genius!!

With a quick whirl on my Janome the panels were sewn together and I got to coloring.  The owls were stamped on none other than my new favorite, Labels One Nesties, and then I stamped them again to scrap to bump the bodies up one level.  After coloring with my Copic markers, I added a quick shine (and I do stress quick these Shimmerz dry SO FAST!) 

I'm so glad I finally figured out what was wrong with my printer so that I could play with these papers.  I'm off to go download more collections now too!! 

Happy Printing Everyone!!

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