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Apr 9, 2009

chatting while I wait for dinner......

For those of you that come by all the time, you know that we're doing our best to shop organically and I'll admit, its expensive.  But, quite honestly though, even shopping at the regular supermarket has become really pricey.  

I've had to become really careful about shopping from a list, versus just browsing the aisles. Planning out a menu for the week in advance and seeing where I can combine ingredients for more than one night.

I've also been working on building "planovers" into my menu.  For instance, last night, we had Chicken Cacciatore for dinner. Tonight, its Chicken Cacciatore pizza.  There was a ton of sauce and peppers leftover, and some chicken.  The chicken has been sliced up, and the peppers and sauce are on the pizza.  Mmm. I can smell it cooking. So tasty... the next 20 minutes are going to be torture.  Hopefully I can wait for it to cool before I eat it so I don't get the dreaded "bubble" on the roof of my mouth! 

I've also been trying to be good about packing up one serving of dinner for my lunch the next day.  I figure if I pack it as a lunch ahead of time, it means my husband and I won't nibble on it.  (Now that, is a trick from my  Weight Watchers days that I still rely on!)

What's your favorite planover?  

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