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May 23, 2009

Welcome Summer!

I feel like I blinked and its Memorial Day weekend.  I seems like I just put my little guy off on the bus to his first day of Kindergarten, and already we're into the final days!! 

We've started a nice new routine which I'm just loving...dinner on the patio!  Last year, my littlest one couldn't sit still out there long enough to eat anything.  This year, he sits down and eats without fooling so he can go play!   Tonight he made up a song and dance that had the rest of us in stiches  "Bees are not friendly, and they STING you!"  Complete of course with full dance moves.  I've had it stuck in my head all night.  Seriously, where is my video camera when I need it??

So, one of my very favorite things about the summer is my mother's fried chicken and potato salad.  Yum.  If you ask me, somehow its even tastier for lunch the next day. You know, sort of like how tunafish just tastes better at the beach.  Tell me you know what I mean...right?  

This is the Beach Bum set from Whipper Snapper illustrated by Anna Wight, and I just HAD to use this adorable chicken first.  He's colored with a combination of  Copic Markers, and Koh-I-Noor pencils. Just a tip, if you combine marker and pencil, use your marker first, and THEN the pencils, as the wax from the pencils can damage your marker nib. 

Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend.  My son has just joined Cub Scouts and will be helping to reflag the Veteran's graves and will be marching in the parade on Monday. I'm looking forward to many more nights this summer of impromptu t-ball games, silly songs by my little one and relaxing patio dinners.  Just wish there was a fairy that would clean it all up afterwards.  

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