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Oct 31, 2009


I only WISH I looked like this much of a hottie on Halloween. This stamp is a little Amuse cutie that my sweet friend Jody spoiled me with. (Gotta love friends that spoil you rotten!!)

Whenever I use an amuse image, I always have to reduce the size of my card. Their images are just petite, so a 4x4 size card was my choice today. I will say, I am a **sucker** for Amuse sentiments, they're always adorable, and beautifully designed!

You can't see here, but this little witchy is loaded up with Orange spica pen as well for some glitz to her sassy costume.

To anyone wondering how I made out with my hair yesterday, my stylist said he *could* have cut it, but that in his words "It wouldn't be pretty." He took off about 1.5 inches, to clean up the rag tag ends, and said for me to come back in March and we'll see how I'm doing. The cut would have been blunt halfway up the back of my head! eeks! So the growing continues!

Wishing you all a Halloween filled with more TREATS than TRICKS! Many of you know, that this holiday, um, isn't so much my favorite. Its filled with candy that is *more* than a bit dangerous for my boys. However, many of my sweet neighbors have called to see what they can tuck aside for the boys.

That being said, we have lots of precautions in place, and lots of safe treats for the boys to enjoy tonight! Have a SPOOKTACULAR night everyone!

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