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May 18, 2010

MFT VIP: Preppy and Green

I'm hoping that you've joined me from Jessie's blog as part of MFT's VIP hop - but if not, you'll want to start up at Kim's place so that you don't miss a BIT of the action! Because seriously people, am I ever so excited about this month's VIP kit from My Favorite Things!

You may know if you've been reading here a while, that I'm pretty obsessed with fresh, local and organic produce. We also participate in a local crop share at a family farm, routinely attend local farmers market, and yes, I even have a (gross I know) compost bin in my backyard to keep scraps out of food out of the municipal water system (aka, not in the garbage disposal!)

I'll hop off my soap box a moment and show you why I'm talking about all this on a crafty blog.....

Yes, I'm embracing my green geekiness, I'll admit that yes, I fully love my reusable shopping bags, and have an assortment of them, some functional, and some just totally cute.

If you have a burning desire to know why, I'll tell you.....I love that I can carry in four or five totes, a weeks worth of food from the store - they're sturdy, practical and hello... don't end up in the trash! I can remember having a trunk FULL of those crappy plastic ones, which would always rip to pieces and groceries falling to the ground. Or, having to make, oh seven trips back and forth to lug all the food into the house. Seriously, who needs that?

But also, I love that they just go right back into my car for the next trip, and that we don't have to throw a thing away, or hunt for the correct recycling bin at the store to take them back. And yes, every little bit counts. Nice.

You'll see that I paper pieced these bags with one of my favorite papers, and added in some ivory, twill handles. See, you can be a preppy princess and still be a greenie!! This is only one of the images in this FUN set. I have another card using the other image, but I'm saving it for the release! (So mean. I know.) However, I know that lots of girls on the team will be using that other image today, so I know you're in good hands!

Now, since it is VIP time, I'll remind you that this set is available TODAY ONLY and in limited quantities - after that, it will not be available until the official release in early June.

The other reason that I'm thrilled about this VIP Kit is that it includes a product that I've been dying for Kim to add to the store TWILL. Hooray! The Twill Ribbon collection that is included in this month's kit has three different widths, and let me say, it is amazing. And, just like last month, this month's VIP Kit will include a new, un-released Die-namic die which will not be officially released until June 2nd! How super fun is that??

If you've stayed with me this long, seriously, you deserve a medal, but you'll want to be SURE to head right on over to visit Julie Dinn as I know she's got something fabulous cooked up for you!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and don't forget to treat yourself to this month's VIP kit from MFT, I can't wait to see your green girl in action!

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