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Dec 30, 2012

Gift Card Giving

Yesterday we had Christmas, Part One Hundred, okay not really a hundred, but it's been a busy week.  Then we're off the hook till early January when we'll have what I'll fondly refer to as The Last Christmas Celebration.  I jest, it's part of having a big, huge family is that you repeat Christmas again and again to the great joy of all small children involved.

Two of yesterday's gifts were gift cards, so I've pulled out the handy, dandy My Favorite Things Gift Card Greetings.  I've added links to the products I've used today at the bottom of my post... 

Up first is my card for my husband's younger cousin. He's a college freshman and that lucky kid has a season's pass to a local ski mountain. ----> jealous! <---- We figured he could always use a few extra bucks towards gloves, a new hat, or towards any new equipment he might need. 

Usually I'd be putting a big handmade flower onto this card, but I really needed to tuck it into an envelope.  I went with a single hemp cord tied button and lots of stitching.  I am totally addicted to using the Bracket Edge Duo on my cards lately, I love the graceful elegance it lends to any project! My husband's cousin is a painter and is fascinated by my cards. It really makes my heart happy to give cards to people who really appreciate and inspect the work.  I'd meant to show her how the dies work, but then this snowstorm kicked up and they had to hit the road.  Oh maybe I'll convert her to stamping next time :)

You'll notice that for each of these cards that I didn't stamp directly to the Gift Card Pocket, instead I stamped the sentiment to a 2 1/8 size square then mounted that on pop dots on top of the pocket.

I stamped my sentiments lining up on the bottom rail of the 2 1/8 square, then worked my way up to the top.  I used a thin scrap of paper to wrap around the back of the envelope - which conveniently also reinforces the closure (I couldn't fnd my score-tape for the life of me... and regular adhesive wasn't going to do the trick.)

Here's a set of quick links to the products I've used in each of the cards... have a GREAT day today!

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