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Mar 14, 2013

So Long Google Reader...Hello Feedly!

So, I was perusing Facebook the other night (I'm fairly FB obsessed) and noticed a comment from a friend that Google Reader would soon be ending. Gasp!  I have a long list of blogs I like to check in on.

After a quick moment of panic, I was directed by one of my fellow DT members, Sarah, that Feedly was a great alternative, and that it would bookmark your existing reading list. Um, that's perfect and exactly what I needed.

I took a moment to surf on over and quickly downloaded the free software for Safari. Check it out - boom, it will automatically migrate your existing reading list over to Feedly.  How easy is that?  Within minutes (yes, like two minutes!) I was up and running.

I also picked up the FREE iPhone ap. It's a breeze to navigate and so user friendly!

It was quick and painless and I'm loving it!  In fact, I've decided that Feedly is going to be an even better resource for me, it's so much more user friendly that I actually stand a chance at keeping up with the blogs on my feed.  I spend a good 15-20 minutes each afternoon sitting in the car pickup line waiting for my boys, and this afternoon I was able to zip through a LOT of inspiration during the wait.

You can easily customize how you view your feed you can see little snippets like this -

Or view full articles if you'd prefer.

I hope you'll join me over on Feedly.  To add sites to your list, simply click "add website" over on the top left hand corner....

It will pop up a little window over on the right hand side.  If you start typing in www.stampedbyhand you'll see me pop up just below.

Or, if you type is Just a Little Something that will find me too :)

I'm off to go spend some time browsing around on Feedly!  Hope this information is helpful my friends!

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