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Mar 28, 2007

It makes it all worth it

So, I've had some very tough days with my younger one lately. He's just under two, so he gets SO frustrated, and into lots of trouble.

Last week, I realized the reason he was having a fit, was because he wanted to take his blueberry mini muffin to nap with him. I thought, GROSS, but didn't want to fight. So, he laid down in his bed, popped the muffin in his mouth, followed by his thumb. Then said "YUMMY" with a big fat grin full of crumbs

He's been calling his brother "Gaka" for months. Then, yesterday, out of the clear blue, he looked over at him and said "Jack" in the cutest little voice. He was so excited, and so was I.

Then today, we went for a walk. It was sunny, but very windy, so I didn't break out the stroller, figured we'd just do a quick walk down the street rather than the whole way around the block. He's finally decided he will walk along holding my finger. It was great!! We toddled along looking for the moon, watching for birds, then he spied it. My shadow. And said with great amazement "MAMA!" Totally made my day.

He keeps reminding me that this too shall pass, and before I know it, he'll be big, like his brother, which is of course, a story for another day.
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