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Mar 20, 2007

My DH is the best!

I Imentioned the other day that my DH assembled my new shelves (from Target) for me while I slept in on Sunday. I don't have a before photo - thank goodness! But here is the after.

The shelving unit has doors, but if I showed you the picture of the doors closed you wouldn't see how neat my stamps are now! And I love having a little space to showcase some of my favorite items up on top.

Before this, I had my stamps stored in big rubbermaid containers. So to find a set, I had to rifle through the bin, usually totally empty it. Then, I was really bad about putting them away, so my workspace was cluttered up with stamps I'd just used, or stamps that wouldn't fit in the bin. You get the idea.
The desktop unit holds all sorts of things I'm always needing access to: markers, crayons, hodgepodge, ink pads etc. Before I had them all stacked on top of eachother so to get to one, I had to pull the stack apart. This is much better. And, again, I have a little display space on top, oh and room for my cuttlebug!
My wish list includes the spinny thing from Stampin Up for my ink pads and some sort of ribbon storage.
Any advice on the inkpad storage thing (its sorta pricey, esp since I'm not a demo --- waaah!) so I don't want to get it if it isn't good - and on what to buy for ribbon storage. I was thinking of the ribbon holders SU has in the mini catalogue, but not sure what is best.

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