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Apr 17, 2007

Cross Your Fingers

My husband and sister have a longstanding joke, whereby he reminds her to "Save her work to a separate folder." I think its an SNL reference or something. So, the fact that I've actually LOST all the information on my desktop pc's hard drive is sickening considering that the two of them joke about it ALL the time.

Obviously what I'm most concerned about are all the JPEG files of my two boys. Lots is saved on shutterfly, and some of it was saved to an external drive, but -- I'm not sure how much might be unaccounted for and lost on that hopelessly old PC.

Then there's the things that can be replaced, but what a pain in the neck!! All my daycare client contracts, invoices, emergency card information and then the various excel spreadsheets created to track my income and expenses. Eesh. Countless emails and contact information. I'm gonna be sick.....

My husband, hasn't said a word, because he knows I'm about to crack. It was a six year old computer and a dog. I should have seen it coming. But, busy busy busy. He's now taken "the dog" over to visit a friend who can hopefully work miracles to recover the files. CraftyMomof2, as I've mentioned, is my bestie from college, and her husband - computer genius. Cross your fingers though.
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