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Apr 8, 2007

Easter Festivities......

This weekends Easter festivities absolutely made up for having such a rotten week last week.

Yesterday, during an egg hunt, my older son inspected the Easter Bunny and announced quite loudly "Um, its a costume. I see a zipper." Later told me that he knew it wasn't the real bunny because it had a hair braid sticking out in back. Sigh.

As the children all rushed across the parking lot, tromping through the "not even really hidden, just strewn about eggs" my younger son stopped to pick up the broken eggs and happily put the broken ones in his bag. "Eggie! Eggie!" Then, my dad and I found him an intact egg and he discovered that the eggs actually had candy inside. I was quick enough to catch the look of amazement on his face with my camera and the shot is hilarious.

Last night, I told the big boy that I thought I caught sight of the real bunny heading to our neighbors house. He's usually QUITE the dawdler, and I've never seen that kid move so fast. He ran upstairs, made quick use of the bathroom and couldn't get under his covers fast enough. Insisted that there was no time for a story and would I please just go to bed. I had to bite my tongue to not laugh.

All day today, the boys were pretty much on a sugar drip. A constant stream of smarties, jelly beans, peeps and Hershey Kissables (my oldest has a nut allergy, so the Easter "regulars" are pretty much off limits)
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