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Apr 18, 2007

I'm Speechless

When I started this fundraiser for my friend Sarah, I knew that everyone would be supportive. But between the generous giveaways I've received, and the numerous donations that Sarah has collected through her website, I've just been floored.

Today, Taylor posted about the fundraiser on her blog. Her card, like all her work, blew me away. This beauty is apparently in the mail, on its way to me, to give away to one of you!! Where I will drool over it. (Careful of course not to actually drool ON it.)

Then, the email comes, from a woman I've never met, with an extremely generous donation. Yosha, I'm in awe of you.
The fundraiser will continue for the next three and a half weeks. If you haven't seen my original post, you can find the details here: Fundraiser Blog Candy
I'm going to send more emails tonight looking to grow the prizes even further. If you have any ideas - please let me know!

Thanks again everyone. Lets keep it going!
Post Script: After I posted this earlier this evening, I was informed of an another extremely generous donation that came through this blog. "Anonymous" you are amazing. Thank you so much.
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