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Apr 18, 2007

Tag! I'm it

I'm so excited that I got tagged! Hooray! My blogging friend Julie - who is so nice, and who I think comments on every blog post she reads daily (and its many from what I can see - wink!!) was tagged and then tagged five of us that she reads daily. I'd tag her back because I love her work and I think we have similar tastes, but that's not how it works is it?

So, I'm tagging five other blogs that I love:

Taylored Expressions - the first blog I read that really kicked all this off for me

Beate's Fresh and Fun - where would SCS be without her? She's super nice, pokes her head in here once and a while and always has something so nice to say (ok - as I write this, I see she's already been tagged today, but man - I'm tired and I'm posting this anyways - and besides, I've learned a TON in just the last few weeks by pushing myself to do her tutorials and try to move out of my comfort zone.)

Confessions of a Naptime Stamper - I love her style, and like Kirsten, I'm a naptime stamper too!

Stamping it Up with Kendra - One of the first people to drop in to see me here! She has really great work, fun and funky with lots of cuttlebugging (which I have and l-o-v-e)

Of course I read a zillion other blogs too, as there are so many great artists out there... these are just a few of my favorites.
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