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Jun 18, 2007

Thank you and Summer Fun!

Thank you to everyone who posted about my "uninspired" card. I did lift and tear and pick it apart this afternoon and incorporated some of the changes. Luckily I took a picture at that stage, because then I continued to lift, and pick, and add and change, and made a big old mess. (Craft ink...what a mess!)

So, tonight, I put it away. I still have the pieces, and will come back to it. But for now, I just needed to move on, think fresh, and not stress. After all, this hobby for me is supposed to be my relief from stress, not a source of it! (wink)

Today marked the switch to my "summer hours." I've decided to close my daycare early two days a week to make the most of the summer with the boys. After all, that's the whole reason I'm home, to spend time with them.

We went to the pool club where Little Man tried to swim. He doesn't want me to hold him at all, he wants to swim like his brother. Who is nearly five and really CAN swim. He kept jumping out of my arms saying "Swim. Swim. Sammy, SWIMMING!" As he's blowing bubbles, and sometimes gulping water.

There is a beach entry where he can just wade around, and he was walking calmly in the water, thinking he's tricked me when he practically dives headfirst into the water saying "SWIMMING!" Luckily I anticipated this, and jumped just one step ahead of him, caught him from going under, and also skillfully avoided a Janet Jackson style "wardrobe malfunction." Yet, he looked at me with utter disgust that I had spoiled all his fun.

Afterwards, we went to a local farm to pick strawberries. The boys were amazed. Little Man's favorite color is green, and I had a hard time convincing him that the green ones would simply not taste good. Someone (here's a hint, it wasn't me!) had to use the bathroom, and the only available option was a porta potty - which would have been oh so fun with both boys...So we ended up making an abrupt ride home instead. But for 10 cents a basket, you can bet we'll be back again soon!
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