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Jul 18, 2007

It has been even nuttier than usual around here the last week or so. I have four little ones (no not all mine...) that are in the process of toilet training. Its great news, but it means a lot of in and out of the bathroom to cheerlead, to "assist" as necessary and to clean up in there, four extra visitors to that room means we're flying thorugh soap, toilet paper and handtowels!! That and the fact that three year olds LOVE to play in the sink... they need a lot of supervision in there.

Its all good though, they're making such great progress and suddenly are all so close to being fully trained. Its great that so many of them are working on it at the same time. Its just that not much else gets done during the day!

I've sent an email to all the women I swapped with tonight, and I'll begin posting some of them for you tomorrow. Lots of eye candy! I just want to get approval from my "swap-ees" before I post anything.

Liz, your blog candy prize will be going postal late tomorrow afternoon after daycare pickups! I hope you enjoy it!

Tonight...I'm going to sleep. G'Night everyone!!
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