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Jul 5, 2007

Water Fight on the Fourth

What I love about Nantucket is its small town charm. Each year on the fourth, they close Main Street for a huge water fight between the Nantucket Fire Department and the Volunteer Fire Department. We're not talking about squirt guns and water balloons (although there were actually plenty of those too!) these guys break out the fire hoses and everyone is totally soaked.

This one fire fighter was on top of the ladder truck, and he had no mercy. We watched him spray some poor old lady that walked by, kids, cameras you name it. My husband was taunted him by chucking a water balloon his way, and as a result we ALL got soaked. (Including my grandmother.)

What you can't see in this picture of me is that I am literally soaked with water, head to toe. I could actually wring out my skirt. My shirt is clinging to my back, but we had a lot of laughs!

In the middle of all this however, Little Man put his thumb in his mouth, and went to sleep. Just checked out. Despite shrieks of laughter and continuing to get doused with water himself, he slept probably as soundly as I've ever seen.

We did get to the beach yesterday for the annual "first toes in the water" but it was freezing. So after dipping our toes, we took a nice walk on the beach with sweatshirts. Little Man enjoyed hunting for shells.
Tonight, my parents are hosting what was supposed to be a cook out, but it is freezing and raining today, so instead it will be a cook in. We're having my very favorite, fried chicken with potato salad. Mom let me be the official taste tester for the potato salad this afternoon, and oh YUM it was even better than I had remembered.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying lots of "fun family time."
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