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Aug 12, 2007

Blog Candy Winner

Thank you to everyone that came to comment on the Bachelorette Blog Candy. We had SUCH a fun time last night.

We started with yummy tapas ... had our pictures taken on the front of a fire truck with all the men on duty last night -- my sister wearing a fireman's coat -- and ended the night with several of us taking a ride on a mechanical bull. It was HILARIOUS. (I'm waiting on pictures from the two girls with cameras...)

My favorite drink of the night was the sangria we had with dinner at this amazing little find of a restaurant BarLola in Boston -- thanks Jennie! I'd go all the way back for the sangria and the garlicky shrimp (and the chicken empanada, and the chocolate torta and the crabcake.... wow)!
Later, with a little twist of the arm, I also had a lemon drop shot with my new friend Jennie (my sisters good friend). Thank goodness for all the aforementioned snacks that I didn't get "silly"!
I'm waiting on copies of photos from two friends of ours that brought cameras - it was a funny funny night with lots of laughs. Congratulations little sister. Well done!
Without any further ado, I will announce the winner of the blog candy. selected the number 24 which was Kristin with the Pink Peartini. YUM. Hmm. I've had those "Absolute Pears" on my shopping list for a while, the next time I pick up a bottle of wine, I'll have to remember to grab that too! Kristin - I know how to reach you, so I'll be in touch!
Thanks to everyone with all your tasty recipes, and snack suggestions too. I'll be back with more blog candy when I reach 20K posts, which from the looks of the counter, won't be tooo long from now. Stay tuned!
After a full 24 hours away from home, I've come home to a mountain of laundry to be folded. My hopes of stamping tonight have been dashed, but there's always tomorrow.
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