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Aug 9, 2007


As I tucked the Big Boy in last night, he wanted me to stay for extra snuggles and I said "But I have to go make your birthday card." I was then given specific instructions that the card should be orange and green (no shock, his favorite colors!) and should have stripes. Lucky for me, I had paper that would suit the order perfectly!

This is from a now retired simply scrappin kit from Stampin Up. Coincidentally, I used this kit to make his scrapbook page for his fourth birthday last year!

Every year, our church has a big carnival just a little over a mile from our house. Its usually the weekend just after his birthday, but based on where it falls this year, tonight is the opening night of the carnival. There is nothing my boy loves as much as a carnival - the "Daddy Slide" and the "Crazy Bus" are his favorites, and so far, his little brother seems to enjoy the mayhem as much as he does. In fact, I can no longer pull out of my development and take a right or there is a chorus of "CRAZY BUS!!" coming from the Little Man who doesn't understand that it isn't yet open..So, instead of a nice family party tonight, we're loading on the bug spray, and hitting the carnival.

He opened his presents this morning before camp, as my husband has a meeting which will run a little late tonight... so this afternoon he got some time to play with his new scooter! I couldn't get a picture of him smiling while riding, because he was SO FOCUSED on learning how to use it. My head is pounding, and I'd rather take a nap, or stamp, or have a glass of wine, but it will have to wait a few hours...
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