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Aug 29, 2007

Giving Up my Vice.....

Diet Coke. I swear, if you opened up my veins, you'd see it coursing through my system. It is definitely unhealthy how much of it I consume on a daily basis. I can't even tell you how much, because it is simply embarrassing..

So, I promised my husband this past weekend that I'd cut back. I'm down to two a day. And trust me, that's WAY back.

Today, my head hurts. Hurts so badly, wants caffeine. I just made myself a big old pitcher of iced tea to try to switch that into my rotation. Seltzer water gives me a stomach ache, plain water is well, just that, plain.

So wish me well on my Diet Coke reduction plan. I'm off to sip my rationed glass very slowly.
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