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Aug 29, 2007

Ribbon Sampler Anyone?

Just back from my monthly Amy's Awesome Addicts meeting. By the way -- Hello to any fellow Triple A's who are checking in! -- I actually didn't make swaps for the meeting this month because I've been so busy lately. However, I did see some really great ones and I was so bummed I didn't participate... I'll just have to look forward to my mini catalogue swaps that I'll have in early September!!

Amy and the other girls that just attended convention shared some of their new techniques they picked up. My friend Jen gave an amazing tutorial on watercoloring that I know is going to end with me buying water color paper and some water color brushes. The results were stunning. I'll email her and see if she's cool with me posting her samples.

I also saw this amazing ribbon sampler that my friend Besty makes. Gorgeous! If you're a demo and you want to show your customers all the various ribbons available in the collections, this is a super affordable way to get your hands on it. Its also portable, which is key if you're bringing class materials out to a client's home.

Ribbon Samplers are available for $15. If you're interested in one, or any of Betsy's other handy tools (file folder tabs for your cardstock, designer paper sample rings, or cardstock rings) please email me at and I will put you in touch with her.

And, I'm now the lucky owner of the Stampin Up magnets and a Stampin Up baseball cap that my friend Laura picked up for me at convention. Some day, I'll get over my envy that she got to attend convention..... Thanks Laura!!
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