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Sep 9, 2007

Not the night I'd planned.....

I had planned my own personal "Stamp-aPalooza" for Saturday night because my husband and son were going on an overnight campout.

Then, I discovered that apparently, I was going on the campout and he was staying home with the Little Man. Whoops. So much for my night of work, girly movies and an icy class of chardonnay.

I had grand visions of completing challenges, and getting a LOT of client work. However, instead we went on a night hike with the group, roasted marshmallows by the fire and had some tasty smores. Then I read by flashlight and went to bed early... and camped out with my favorite ever little camper.
When I tell you, literally, it hasn't rained in WEEKS, but this morning at four am, the skies opened, it poured and there was thunder and lightning. A pro would have roughed it out, me? I'm a big ninny. A big fat chicken. I packed up all our clothes, put on my sneakers and woke up the little guy. We threw our chairs in the tent, zipped it up and RAN through the meadow to the car. I told the campout leader that we'd be back in the morning for the tent. (Luckily we were about 7 minutes frm home....) By the time we got to the car, we were soaked, and I mean totally and completely soaked to the bone. This morning, at seven, in totally dry clothes, we went back and joined the group for a morning hike and breakfast. Then packed up our soaking tent and went home. I'm EXHAUSTED!

Anyone that knows me personally is probably HOWLING at the idea of me sleeping out overnight - I'm definatley the girl that likes pampering, but for the Big Boy, I'd do just about anything. And, being the lone girl in this family, I guess I'd better get used to it....

So, here's some photos of some magnetic post it note holders that I put together, last weekend, for an upcoming open house.

The layout is totally cased from a project that my wonderful friend Erica did at my home before I signed on as a demo.

As you can see, I loved the idea, and totally lifted it to make more! The river rock and soft sky one looks so blah blah blah here, its so hard to get an accurate picture of river rock, it really is one of the prettiest colors in real life.
Tonight, my stampfest will resume and I hope to have some new things to post. I need something girly and cute after sleeping in a field full of geese droppings! BLAH!
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