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Sep 10, 2007

A Real Maniac

Life in public with a toddler. Yikes. My older son was always so well behaved, that I really just didn't understand when kids would pitch a total fit in the store. But, now. I've learned my lesson. Or should I say, I've been taught that lesson by my younger son.

My older son had a gym class, so I packed an assortment of toys, and thought we'd play and read quietly while his brother took class. The other women who had their boys in class had reading with them (I have to admit being so envious of some quiet time to read a magazine, write a note or simply vege out...) I broke out Thomas the Train and a little snack. That lasted precisely two minutes.

Then, for absolutely no reason at all, my little guy decided to run back and forth through the lobby screaming "KANG-A-ROOOOOOO KANG-A-ROOOOOOOO" as loud as you could possibly imagine. I pulled him aside and said "If you can't play quietly with me, we're going to have to leave the gym." You can only imagine how that went over.

So, officially, I'm "that woman" who has totally no control over her child. I'm quite possibly never leaving the house again.

I'm SO tightly wound right now, I can't wait for it to be 6:45 so I can start bedtime and get closer to stamptime. I need a little stampin' right now.
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