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Sep 28, 2007

Wonderful Friends

Oh blah! I'm now on my second full day of the stomach bug. What happened to the 24 hour bug??? I didn't get that one I guess.

My friends in town all know that my husband has been travelling since last Sunday and won't be home till tomorrow afternoon. Being home alone for a whole week is terrible! I can't believe my mother did this for years and years when my dad's job took him on the road all the time.

And, its rotten being sick no doubt, but its even more rotten when you know hubby won't be home at the end of the day to give you at least a little respite.

My very dear friends have all been calling me to see if I need anything, have offered to take my children to birthday parties for me, to the library anything... but I'm afraid to hand off the kids for fear that I'll pass my germs along to their families as well.

So in quarantine we all sit. We've all watched WAY too much TV the last two days, but I hope tomorrow will be a better day. I wish this yucky bug on no one. My consolation? I'm convinced after being sick for this long that I must have lost a pound or two?

Another day, another no stamping completed, no laundry done, clutter all over the house. I MUST feel better in the morning so that I can have the house presentable upon the return of my dearest!!
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