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Oct 29, 2007


Okay, remember how the other day, all my Prettie Girl friends were posting their bouncing brayer cards. And I didn't have mine. Well, Christie sent me a picture. Oh boo. I had hoped that it was hopelessly lost in customs and would never arrive.

So, while I'm so embarrassed to post this card, I'll do it anyways. As a lesson to try new things. I'll post some cards I made that I DO like in my next post.

Go ahead and give the bouncing brayer a try. Surf around the Prettie Girls (links on the sidebar) sites to see what they made. My jaw dropped open when I saw Alli's card. She totally nailed it. Its gorgeous.

This week's challenge came from Julie Masse and it is to use Chipboard on your card. Mine this week is for Jillian and I did it last night. SO fun. I have a lot of chipboard, and tend to hoard it, but I used three pieces on last night's card. You'll see my "Scare Yourself" card that I sent to Kristine later this week and my chipboard card to Jillian next Wednesday. Be sure to come back to see them. I'm not embarrassed of either of those cards, in fact, I really liked them both!

While blurfing around this morning, I see that many of the Prettie Girls have had their latest packages from Christie arrive. I had my mail stopped while I was away for the wedding. But, I'm going to be stalking Mr Mailman to see what's waiting for me!!
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