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Oct 6, 2007

Happy World Cardmaking Day

As many of you have probably heard, today is World Cardmaking Day. Can I just say that my husband almost fell off the couch laughing at me when I mentioned that the other day. However, he must really love me because he agreed to leave early for a birthday party today so that I could pop in at a scrapbooking store in Hyannis on the way to my grandfather's birthday party.

The store was beautiful, and lucky for my wallet I visited the store with my two year old son, so there wasn't time for too much shopping. I managed to get out of there having only spent $20 (and five of that was a gigantic Cookie Monster sticker for the Little Man.)

After my grandfather's 80th Birthday party we then hopped on a ferry boat to Nantucket. My mom, sister, the two boys and I are working on some last minute planning for the wedding etc etc. So I'm sorry to report that there will be no cards till Monday as I left my laptop at home.

So, go make a card, visit the many stores that are having sales to celebrate WCMD. In fact, be sure to go visit my friends at Paper Pretties before items get sold out! For whatever reason I can't figure out how my mother's MAC so I don't know how to make the word Paper Pretties a link --- so its and then click on "The Corner Store."

But, don't forget about me, because I'll have new goodies to post for you next week! Promise.

Happy Columbus Day Weekend! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Everything. See you Tuesday!
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